At Dr. Gartland's office, we welcome patients of all sizes.  By making visits fun from day one, we are working to build a great future full of healthy smiles for all of our littlest friends! 

Kid's Cleanings   
We recommend starting cleanings as soon as you feel your child is ready.  By starting early, we build a foundation for strong, healthy teeth for a lifetime.

Fun Visits   
A great first impression can set the tone for a lifetime of dental success.  We always start little ones with a Fun Visit.  They play with the tools, ride in the chair, and get a toothbrush of their own to take home.  Next time they come in, they remember how much fun they had at their first visit. 

Children's Dentistry

The most common location of cavities is on the biting surface of the teeth.  We seal the pits and grooves to block out harmful plaque and bacteria to prevent cavities before they form.  Sealants are an easy and painless way to help your child on the road to good dental health. 

Fillings and Extractions   
Despite everyone's best efforts, sometimes children need a little extra dental work.  We do everything possible to make the process comfortable and pain free!  

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